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Work underway in ViEmu for Visual Studio 2010

I’m already working in ViEmu for VS2010. It’s a lot of work, because they’ve totally replaced the editor, but I’m confident I will be early for the VS2010 release. Also, I’m excited the new editor and extensibility model will allow me to offer an even better experience and cool new features.

I’m also working in Codekana for VS2010, but ViEmu comes first.

I’m posting more details at the NGEDIT blog:

And I’m tweeting regularly every step of the progress, asking for questions, etc… you can follow all the gory details at

By the way, I will of course keep supporting and improving ViEmu for the “older” Visual Studios indefinitely, and I do plan to implement improvements that will apply to both versions. The vi/vim emulation core is a shared codebase, so any emulation improvements go to all the ViEmus. Anyway, there will indeed be improvements that will be VS2010-only, given the possibilities the new architecture provides. I do think VS2010 will be a hit, much more so than previous VS versions, so most people will end up moving, but of course there’s always a lot of code that won’t be migrated, and we’ll be using older VS’s for years to come!

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