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Single user license prices as listed below in US dollars. E.U. customers please add VAT. If you are not satisfied with any of the product(s) for any reason, you can get a full refund up to 30 days after purchase. For immediate payment methods (Paypal, credit card), you will receive the product registration key in a few minutes. For ViEmu/Xcode, please read the note at the bottom about compatibility.

Product License price Order online
ViEmu Enterprise Pack: $297
(VS + SQL + Word&Outlook)
(save $98!)
ViEmu OfficeDev Pack: $198
(VS + Word&Outlook)
(save $39!)
ViEmu DBPro Pack: $198
(VS + SQL)
(save $39!)
ViEmu for Visual Studio $99
ViEmu for Word and Outlook
ViEmu for SQL Server
Management Studio

ViEmu for Visual Studio
1-year support renewal (includes support for all VS editions)
$49 Log into the Symnum customer area using the email used to place the order.

All licenses are per-user: they allow you to install and use the software on as many computers as you want, as long as you are the primary user.

Support renewal is $49 for each stand-alone license of any ViEmu, $69 for the ViEmu OfficeDev or DBPro packs, and $79 for the Enterprise Pack. You need to log in to the Symnum customer to renew support. If you have never logged into the customer area, you will need to use the password-recovery mechanism with the email address used for the purchase. If you want to change the email address associated to an existing license purchase, please contact us.

The ViEmu/VS license covers all ViEmu/VS editions, from "Classic" (for VS 2002 to VS 2008) all the way to ViEmu/VS2019. If you had a license for ViEmu/VS, you will need to renew support, and the new license will work both for all ViEmu/VS editions. It will also include 1-year of free upgrades for all those editions too.

Contact for any specific inquiry about sales.

Volume discounts

Volume discounts are available and integrated in the purchasing forms accessed through the buttons above:

Number of licenses Discount

Special pricing for academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and students

A special discount of 25% is available for academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Please send an e-mail with the web address of the organization from an e-mail address at said organization to this e-mail address for evaluation of eligibility and instructions for the discounted purchase.

A special discount of 50% is available for students. In order to determine whether you are elligible for this discount, please send the following information to this e-mail address:
  • Proof of identity
  • Web address of a public official educational institution.
  • Proof of enrollment with said institution
After reviewing the submitted information, you will be notified of your eligibility for the student license, and instructions on how to purchase it. This license is not available to employees of educational institutions, who can use the special academic institution discount above.

License and payment details

A single-user license for ViEmu entitles you to use the product for any length of time, and free upgrades for at least one year. These upgrades include mainteinance releases and bug fixes, as well as improvements to the product (more extensive vi/vim emulation, better interaction with Visual Studio, etc.)

Payments are processed via Plimus, a well established Internet payment processor. By means of their services, a variety of payment methods are available, including all major credit cards, in all major currencies and virtually from any country. Should you have any problem with the payment, please contact us.

As soon as the order is verified, which is usually immediate for credit card orders, you will receive an e-mail with an attached file that contains a registration key. This key enables ViEmu to function beyond the evaluation period and for any amount of time. The e-mail attachment should be copied to the ViEmu installation directory for ViEmu to locate and verify it, and the license to become operational.

If you have any problem with the license key, please contact us and we'll try to help you solve it as soon as possible.