ViEmu Customer Support

The best first stop for support are the forums. Odds are someone else already experienced the same issues. Even if not, asking there will get you an answer as quickly as using e-mail, and the answer may also benefit other users.

If accessing the forums is not possible for some reason, if public discussion is not likely to be of use for other users, or if you prefer to discuss this privately, you can simply use the following form or write to All inquiries are answered within two business days, and usually much quicker.

Support request form

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Questions with both the installation and use of ViEmu are addressed as promptly as possible. Requests for additional features are also welcome and helpful, they will be incorporated in future builds and they help in evaluating what the most demanded features are.

When reporting a problem, please try to provide general information about your system (OS, version of Visual Studio you are using, other installed add-ins, etc...), and as much information as you can about the context in which the problem appeared (last action performed, state of the sytem, etc...).

If you are not yet a customer, but you have found some problem installing or using the evaluation versions of our products, please don't hesitate to post in the forums or get in touch through the above form or support address.