vi/vim tips

Editing with vi/vim is a fairly wide subject. This section contains some interesting information for vi/vim users, as well as for those learning to use vi/vim. It also contains vi/vim related stories, such as how & why I began using vim (in 2005!).

Some of the articles were initially published as blog posts, and the links below point to the original blog post. Apart from the actual article content, you may find some comments there which are only relevant to the moment they were written, I hope you will find the articles useful nonetheless....

If you want to find more content related to other matters, such as developing a compiler and virtual machine, extending Visual Studio, using the Cheetah template engine to structure a web site, etc... visit the main NGEDIT articles section.


Why, oh WHY, do those nutheads use vi? [May 2007]

Graphical cheat sheet & tutorial [March 2006]

How to start learning vi/vim [Sept 2005]

Why start using vi/vim/ViEmu? [June 2005] (Or, why I started using it myself)