ViEmu for Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server and Word & Outlook

ViEmu 3.0 Release Notes

For Visual Studio 2002-2012, SQL Server 2005-2012 and Word & Outlook 2002-2010 (32-bit edition).

General improvements:

  • Implemented Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P filescan autocompletion looking for similar-starting words around the cursor.
  • Implemented :s//c 'confirm' flag, to interactively confirm each replacement (not in Word/Outlook).
  • Added support for :s 'i' and 'I' case sensitive/insensitive flags.

For Visual Studio:

  • Much improved compatibility with Resharper in VS2010 and VS12.
  • Full support for VS12.

For SQL Server:

  • Full support for SQL Server 2012.
  • SQL Server "Classic": added a user setting to allow Ctrl-U to reach ViEmu and do a half-page scroll-up.

For Word and Outlook:

  • Added new ":set hidestatus" setting, to hide the status bar when not actively used for editing or for a message, to avoid obscuring the document.
  • Made Ctrl-F/Ctrl-B act more like Word's default PageUp/PageDown.