ViEmu/SQL: vi-vim for
SQL Server

ViEmu/SQL 2.2 Release Notes

New features:

  • Implemented i', i", a', a" vim7 text-object motions
  • Implemented gt/gT to go to next/prev buffer
  • Implemented gp/gP to paste and leave the cursor after the pasted text
  • Made Ctrl-U in cmdline mode delete back to the start
  • Made Ctrl-W in cmdline mode delete a word
  • Made Ctrl-U in insert mode delete back to the point of insertion
  • Made Ctrl-W in insert mode delete a word
  • Made // and ?? shortcuts repeat last search
  • :n, :N as synonims of :bn, :bp
  • Added :ve[rsion] command to show the version and web address for ViEmu
  • Added user setting to remove "Read-only op" warning
  • Updated installer to work with SQL Server 2008 ("Katmai") CTPs and final build


  • Removed the warning when you try to paste in a read-only buffer
  • Removed dialog box when trying to paste in a readonly dialog
  • Made 'a or `a or :13 open folds
  • Fixed the "ct<space>" problem when <space> is :mapped to something (changed order when determining current mappin context, lang-arg must come before op-arg)
  • Fixed 'zz' problem with wordwrap
  • Fixed crash when searching for "\zs*" due to the 'incsearch' feature
  • Removed "--NORMAL--" and similar modeline info when typing a search or an ex command
  • Better emulation of vim's "vi undo mode"
  • Addressed i_Ctrl-D differences with vim
  • :s options \u \U \l \L didn't work with \1 type submatches, fixed
  • Fixed crash when setting a number mark (global) (ie, m3)
  • Global marks were not edit-updated
  • Undo undid too much with external VS actions
  • Made :s show a message if nothing is found
  • Fixed ViEmu/SQL Installer for Vista systems (it would sometimes fail)
  • vj$:s/.../ woudn't work, said 'mark not set'
  • Fixed wrapscan fails when searching exactly from beginning-of-file and end-of-file
  • Made <c-v>i} always extend selection by changing cursor sanitization to allow EOL in non-chars visual modes
  • Made the fold command create the outlining session if it doesn't exist
  • Made zf move the cursor to the first char, regions weren't always being folded
  • Made :omap w iw work fine and not screw up "diw", "daw"... by applying it only at the first char after an op (like vim)
  • Made gS only effect if last command in macro (or if stand-alone)
  • Fixed bufpos remembering when doing gt/gT/:bn/:bp

Here are the ViEmu/SQL 2.1 release notes.