ViEmu/VS: vi-vim editing
for Microsoft Visual Studio

ViEmu/VS 2.5 Release Notes

New features:

  • Implemented multiple-key chord mappings (:nnoremap end $), with ambiguity support, timeout, timeoutlen, etc..
  • Implemented Ctrl-A/Ctrl-X command to increment/decrement numbers (or letters), also with 'nrformats' variable
  • Implemented insert mode Ctrl-Y/Ctrl-E to copy character from line above/below
  • New licensing system, based on pasting in a license key (plain text that can be emailed, copied and pasted, not a file)
  • :ern[ext]/:erp[rev] commands to navigate errors
  • New EXE-based installer, clearer, and better compatibility with Vista/Win7 UAC


  • Better i' a' i" a" logic
  • Improved compatibility with Resharper
  • Improved pasting logic
  • Improved handling of RETURN in C# comment areas, with Resharper installed
  • Better Visual Assist X compatibility (for VA 1707 or later)
  • Works better with Lua when Visual Assist X is present
  • Fixes "100%" motion (including precise {n}% vim emulation)
  • Better R# compatibility (detects R#-inline-rename mode by presence of VS marker, and auto-enters VS mode)


  • Fixed bug: right after 'g' or 'z', normal mode mappings are not applied (technically it's in normal mode, but it's more like a parsing sub-mode)
  • Fixed bug: made searching backwards actually work with \zs somewhere other than at the start
  • Fixed bug: removed buffer from buflist (:ls) after closing it with :q, same as was done before with :bd
  • Fixed bug: K did weird things in visual mode (moved to top), fixed (now it does nothing)
  • Fixed bug: an empty o<esc> would not set the `. mark, now it does
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when editing HTML
  • Minor fixes in installer
  • Removed potential race condition
  • Fixed {n}| motion behavior (was off by one)
  • Fixed bug: improved compatibility when editing SQL files with VS 2008 Database Edition (cmdline editing issues)

Here are the ViEmu/VS 2.2 release notes.