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ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.5 Release Notes

New features:

  • Implemented i', i", a', a" vim7 text-object motions
  • gt/gT to go to next/previous document
  • Implemented gp/gP to paste and leave the cursor after the pasted text
  • Added: fFtT extra matches: - to — &ndash, " and ' to smart quotes, etc...
  • Added: user-setting to pass through ESC to Word/Outlook in Normal mode
  • Added: Ctrl-W/Ctrl-U in cmdline and insert mode
  • Functional :set viundo mode and \zs* filtering in regex parse, from new ngvi
  • New features (v/V/^V, ]p, gd, comments in .viemurc)
  • Fixed: Cursor obscured by status bar - auto scroll up! (autoscroll up on keyup if obscured, works kind of fine)
  • Added: user-setting and code passthrough function key combos through to word
  • Made // and ?? shortcuts repeat last search
  • :n, :N as synonims of :bn, :bp
  • Made ZZ and :wq in Outlook <=2003 show a warning and do nothing, they will while proper mail sending from ex is not implemented
  • Added :ve[rsion] command to show the version and web address for ViEmu


  • <return> in input sessions was not saved (and thus wasn't replayed)
  • Fixed: Doubled backslash in registry entry!
  • Fixed: dvorak mapping does not work
  • Fixed: When in insert mode, break undo group with a mouse click
  • Fixed: dd in last line of a cell erases whole cell
  • Fixed: Cursor in last, empty line of a cell highlights whole cell
  • Fixed: Cursor in 'deleted' track-changes mark appears in bubble
  • Fixed: Going back to a document (Activate) with the cursor out of view scrolls to where the cursor is
  • Fixed: Remove UndoGroup bookmark when closing/saving/sending
  • Fixed: Undo/redo in Word 2003 goes to the start of the document after an insert mode session
  • Fixed: After undo/redo, it enters visual mode!
  • Fixed: Doing 'P' of a line and then 'u' enters visual mode, it shouldn't (was general undo/redo problem)
  • Fixed: Exiting insert mode in an empty line (after CR) auto-enters visual mode! (outlook 2003) (needed to force invalidate cache after ESC)
  • Fixed: Crash when doing Ctrl-R " when the contents of the clipboard was just a newline (fixed)
  • Update status bar when ViEmu disabled
  • Fixed: Crash when doing /^R" to retrieve a one-char 'newline' char for search (outlook 2003) (same bug as in insert mode, fixed)
  • Made Alt-Tab, etc... not bring the cursor into view
  • Fixed: Ctrl-O doesn't work to come back after Ctrl-click on link or table of contents
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when an autocorrection happens in Outlook, a character is lost (Ive gets corrected to I'e in html/richtext mode) (Outlook 2007 on Vista)
  • Fixed customer-reported crash with Outlook
  • Fixed: 'R' replace mode eats two chars per typed one!
  • Fixed: :w<cr>Alt-F4 crashes ViEmu/Word - seems fixed by removing the two srpLastDoc.Release() from OnDocumentBeforeSave() (shouldn't have been there)
  • Fixed: $ goes to after-end!
  • Fixed: Try to still set a block caret in LBUTTONUP, unless Ctrl is pressed (for URL links, fails under debugger, when loading symbols!)
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks change their appearance randomly - TextRetrievalMode? Nope! Because we're not using it any more... was due to revisions in Outlook
  • Fixed: :bd
  • Removed 1-char selection when Ctrl-V/Ctrl-X/Ctrl-C are detected
  • Fixed: Outlook crash
  • Fixed: Crashes in OL 2007, because of intercepting "read-only" views
  • Fixed: Still crashes! - was in GetCurrentSel in activation
  • Fixed: Still crashed in the 2nd part of handling the activation (UpdateWordCursorAndSel)
  • Fixed: Crashed when doing GVd, as `< and `> were trying to be set after EOF, and extra debugging code crashed (get_Text() can succeed and return a null ptr)
  • Fixed: fFtT don't work with some Norwegian keys
  • Fixed: Specific customer-reported crash with minidump
  • Fixed: :q! in outlook
  • Fixed: 1.0.17 crash with minidump (crash dump doesn't show anything to investigate or interesting! The crash is in OLE32!) (removed AfterHook)
  • Fixed: Ctrl-C in passthrough insert mode does nothing, even if Ctrl-C is unchecked in the 'pass to word' kbd dlg
  • Fixed: Made ~ work properly with non-ascii values
  • Fixed: Int'l polish characters disabled for input
  • Fixed: Searching for slovenian/polish characters doesn't work (I had fixed typing them, not searching!)
  • Updated installer to fix in some Vista systems
  • Fixed compatibility with Taglocity Outlook add-in
  • Made :omap w iw work fine and not screw up "diw", "daw"... by applying it only at the first char after an op (like vim)
  • Fixed wrapscan fails when searching exactly from beginning-of-file and end-of-file
  • Fixed bufpos remembering when doing gt/gT/:bn/:bp