About ViEmu and Symnum Systems

Symnum Systems is a software development company formed in 2005 as NGEDIT Software, and incorporated in 2009. It's the company that develops, maintains, and supports all ViEmu products. Although it was a single-person for many years, it is currently a two-person operation, and we will probably add more professionals in the future. The goal of Symnum Systems is to provide software tools that will help developers become more productive in software development. Text editing is an important component of this, and providing great vi/vim emulation was a key goal for us from the beginning. Extending this goal from the pure development tools (VS and SSMS) to Word and Outlook was a natural extension.

The second main release by Symnum Systems was Codekana, an innovative tool that improves the visualization of code in Visual Studio. We believe development tools are in its infancy, both in the visualization and the creation part, and Codekana is our way of advancing the state-of-the-art in that area.

Our original project, the NGEDIT text editor, remains a goal for the mid-term future, now with the name kodumi.

We also try to provide the community at large with information, tips and tricks on development, text editing, and all related areas. The main vehicles for this goal are our development blog, the articles section in NGEDIT's site, and the vi/vim tips section in this site.

I hope you find our information interesting and our products useful. And, please, don't hesitate to contact us for any question or comment.