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ViEmu/SQL with the new SQL Server 2008 (“Katmai”)

I’ve just tested ViEmu/SQL Server with the latest CTP (‘Community Technology Preview’) of SQL Server 2008, codenamed “Katmai”. This latest CTP was released in November, and the final product is expected to be ready some time in early 2008.

The latest build of ViEmu/SQL on the web site (2.1.15) didn’t work right away, but it was just a matter of upgrading the installer to write its registry settings to the specific hive (branch) for the new product. I did just that and it works like a breeze. I’ve built a new revision, ViEmu/SQL 2.1.16, which hooks itself both into SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. I’ve just uploaded it:

Remember, you have to manually uninstall the previous version of ViEmu/SQL before installing this one.

I will promote this build to ‘official latest’ after it’s been up for a few days.

It’s very likely that this will be the only change needed to make it work with the final build of SQL Server 2008, but in any case I will watch out for any changes that require upgrading ViEmu. Just drop me a line if you stumble into a problem.

And happy SQLing with vi/vim keybindings!

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