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ViEmu/VS 2.1.27: Several Fixes and gt/gT Implemented

I’ve spent several days addressing pending support issues from the forums and customer requests, and I’ve consolidated them in this new release, together with the feature to go to next/previous tab with gt and gT. This is a vim 7 feature that works with tabs in vim, but since VS implements a model where buffers and tabs are basically the same, in ViEmu they do the same as :bn[ext] and :bp[rev].

Here is the detailed list of issues this version addresses:

You can download the installer for the new version here:

You need to manually uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

I’m planning to implement some more interesting feature and release 2.2 for both VS and SQL in the next few days. I’ll take the chance to send a mail out to all customers and subscribers after this, I haven’t done so in many months, and for example I haven’t notified customers about this blog by email at all. I guess I take my non-spammer policy too seriously some times.

Let me know about anything else that comes up, either through the comments here or on the forums.

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