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ViEmu/VS2010 2.5.10 with a few more fixes

It turns out the last 2.5.9 had a few glitches. We decided to fix them quickly, as they were important. Here is the list of fixes:

  • Fixed Visual Studio lockup on replace command when replacing with an empty string.
  • Fixed some motions that didn’t work when the ‘Windows-like wordwrap navigation’ setting was active.
  • ReSharper should now not add a closing ‘”)]} while in normal mode when ‘Auto-insert pair brackets, parentheses and quotes’ option is on.
  • The ‘multiple Esc presses needed to return to normal mode’ with ReSharper and ViEmu should now be alleviated.
  • Added code to enhance general application stability

And here is the link to download it:

We hope to have this be the stable version of ViEmu/VS2010 for some time. Hope you like it!

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