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Upcoming ViEmu 3.0

After a long time with reduced activity on the ViEmu front, we have finally been able set aside some time to work on it again. We plan to dedicate a lot of time over the next two months to prepare a much needed new version of the ViEmus, on all editions. We don’t have a specific date for the release, but the end of May would be a likely target.

Here are the main areas we want to address:

  • Improve compatibility with the most used VS plug-ins (Resharper and Visual Assist), and also with the latest VS service packs. We are always working on this, but since VS and especially R# and VAX are moving targets, there’s no way to avoid playing catch-up!
  • Support for some much-requested vi/vim features, such as support for confirmation option ‘c’ in the :s substitute command, Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P filescan autocompletion (complete looking around for words around the cursor, etc…), and maybe some others (quick-wins or low-hanging-fruit, that is, features that don’t require too much work but that can be very beneficial
  • Possibly, VS11 support. We are unsure of how much effort this is, we did some early research and it didn’t seem straightforward at all, so we may need to do a 3.0 without this, and add VS11 support afterwards.

Since the vi/vim core is common among all the ViEmus, features like ‘:s///c’ support and filescan-autocompletion will work on all of them. Others of course are app-specific (mainly the VS-related ones).

We have already started working on this, but in any case, we would be very happy to listen to your suggestions for features, and try to incorporate them in the next release, or even in this one if they are doable in the alotted time. So, feel free to post your suggestions below.

And thanks for your patience! Software takes a lot of time and effort, and life has that way of getting in the way…

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