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VEmu 3.5 available: it/at motions, Xcode 6.3, SQL Server 2014

So ViEmu 3.5 is ready after a few months of work. The main new functionality across all versions are it/at xml tag objects (e.g.: type “dit” to delete the contents between <abc> and </abc>). You can download it from the main download links at, or use the following links:

And versions for older versions of all host apps:

As you can see, there are a ton of builds maintained: 9 in total, across two operating systems, compiled using 6 different IDEs/compilers, and supporting dozens of host application edtions, some of them very different across versions. As you can imagine, the build system and other scaffolding is quite tricky. And here is the highlight for this release: I have finally managed to fully automate the build process of the whole line-up of ViEmu versions. It’s taken me weeks to months, but from now on, I will be able to tag and build a new version for all editions with a tiny amount of manual work. Implementing features will take the same time as it always did, but since now 95% of the time I put in can go to improving ViEmu rather than mind-numbing manual processes, I should be able to produce new versions more frequently.

Hope you enjoy this!

PS: What things from vi/vim do you miss the most in ViEmu? Especially core emulation features are the most interesting to me, since they make their way into all editions of ViEmu and benefit the most people! 

PPS: Next stops: Xcode 7 and Visual Studio 2015. 

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