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ViEmu 3.9 for VS2019 is out

Visual Studio 2019 was released a couple days ago. And there is a new version of ViEmu, 3.9.0,  supporting it. Apart from working with the new Visual Studio, it also includes optimized code that handles pasting text. In most regular pasting cases, this will make it much faster. You wouldn’t notice it for small amounts of text, but if you are pasting a thousand-lines block of text, the difference is noticeable. Not that I’m advocating copy and pasting such huge amounts of code 🙂

You may see Visual Studio 2019 complain about ViEmu using a deprecated interface, it is actually the synchronous loading of the plugin itself (“Package”), which it seems to be discouraged by Microsoft now so that VS will start up faster. I am not a big fan of how they are doing this, but in any case, I will switched to the new recommended asynchronous package loading in a new version in the near future. Meanwhile, using ViEmu as is should not be a problem or cause any delay when starting up Visual Studio.

You can download it from the VS gallery or right here: You will need active support as of April 1st for it to work for you. You can either renew support if it lapsed, or just keep using an older version.

Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if anything acts up!

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