ViEmu/VS: vi-vim editing
for Microsoft Visual Studio

ViEmu 2.5 for VS2010 Release Notes

The actual version is 2.5.6, a minor increment from the last ViEmu/VS "Classic", ViEmu/SQL and ViEmu/W&O release. This is due to us wanting to keep version numbers in sync. Actually, about half the code is completely new (the VS2010 integration layer), and still the vi/vim core has been modified to build as .NET C++/CLI code instead of native C++ code.

New features:

  • Support for VS2010. It's easier said than done.

Known issues, pending for future releases:

  • Compatibility with other 3rd-party add-ins (mainly Resharper and Visual Asssist).
  • Better performance for long operations, such as search and replace.
  • Integration between VS selection and ViEmu visual range.
  • Capslock-fix.

Here are the ViEmu 2.5 for VS "Classic" release notes.