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Welcome to the new ViEmu blog

Welcome to this new blog. I’ve long wanted a blog where I could provide fresh information on ViEmu. I’ve had a blog at for a long time, but I felt that wasn’t a good place for very specific ViEmu information: most of the readers there are more interested in ViEmu as a growing business, and my various other projects.

But there’s still a host of ViEmu-specific things I’ve wanted to write about, and I needed a proper place for them. This is blog is that place, mainly oriented towards current and future users of ViEmu, and I hope you will find the contents useful and enjoyable.

In principle, I will be announcing new releases, detailing development progress, and in general commenting on all things ViEmu. Probably also dropping the occasional rant about how Visual Studio or Word won’t let me do what I want.

As always, I’ll be happy to hear any specific feedback you might have regarding this new resource and ViEmu in general.

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