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ViEmu for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 ready

So, finally, here it is. It’s a bit rough on the edges but it should be usable:

Download it, double-click on the file, and you should be good to go. It will show up in the next session of Visual Studio. It will offer to reassign keybindings to ViEmu, if you want to restore them afterwards, you will need to use VS’s “Reset Settings

Known issues:

  • No hlsearch (yet)
  • No folding/wordwrap support
  • Coexistence with Visual Assist is so-so
  • No Settings dialog available
  • Documentation isn’t updated
  • Ambiguous multiple-key mapping processing doesn’t automatically time out

These other features will be implemented in a few weeks (our estimation of how long it will take). There are no known actual show-stoppers, if there are any, let us know and we will try to fix it ASAP to allow you to use it.

They used to say that the good thing of moving from VHS to DVDs allowed you to buy all your movie collection all over again. The good thing about re-implementing ViEmu in the new VS architecture, using managed code and .NET instead of native code and COM is that we get to re-implement all features again and re-fix all problems with other 3rd party editions.

This beta uses the new license-key system, you can go to and use the password-recovery mechanism to get your new-style license key (use the email address you used for your purchase ). The beta will work all licenses bought during the last year, and it will work in trial mode for 30 days in all other cases. If you buy ViEmu/VS now from the online store, the license you get will be valid for both ViEmu/VS “Classic”and for ViEmu/VS2010.

In a few days we will have the mechanism in place for customers who bought ViEmu/VS a year or more ago to buy the upgrade. This upgrade will also include one more year of full support and free upgrades, for both ViEmu/VS “Classic” and ViEmu/VS2010. The price will be US $29. We feel it will be great value for money at that pricepoint, and we hope upgrading won’t be too steep for anyone.

All feedback is welcome.

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