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ViEmu for Visual Studio 2010, Beta 2

Once the rubber hits the road things start coming up. So we rolled our sleeves up and started fixing the most glaring issues. Here is a new build of ViEmu/VS2010:

No need to uninstall Beta 1 before installing this one.

Addressed issues:

  • Fixed “Out of Memory” Exception in the Solution Explorer Window. It was due to showing the Welcome dialog too early in the VS/WPF start-up process.
  • _viemurc loading could crash and leave ViEmu unloaded
  • Rare, seemingly-random caret-related exceptions in the background (although they could come to the foreground at times)
  • Removed “read-only” attribute from VS files/buffers (not in the file system), required for ex commands and sometimes normal mode keys to work
  • Corrected a few typos in informational messages

We will keep looking into the other issues and prepare new releases. We hope that ViEmu/VS2010 will be “good” in a few weeks, and really “great” in a few months.

Keep the feedback coming!

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