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ViEmu for VS2010 Beta 3 and other ViEmus 2.5.4

The new ViEmu 2.5 has been available for a while, but I still haven’t emailed all existing customers about it. I wanted to make sure the new customer area was properly tested, that there was usable ViEmu/VS2010 beta, and that the license-key system transition would be as smooth as possible.

Fixing one last minor-but-annoying problem, I have uploaded the new 2.5.4 version of all the ViEmus to the main site. The main fix is that it didn’t properly recognize licenses that had had extra spaces tacked on to the end some or all lines. This seems to happen often with some email clients and gateways out there, so the issue was coming up repeatedly. The new release fixes this minor niggle. So, apart from this, this version is functionally equivalent to the previous one, no real need to reinstall if you have 2.5.3 working fine. There is also a Codekana 1.5.4 release with the same change.

We have also prepared ViEmu/VS2010 Beta 3, with this last fix in license-key recognition, and also adding the functionality to recognize Ctrl-[ as Escape, which several users have requested. Given the new input processing mechanism in ViEmu/VS2010, we had to reimplement this. Here is the link to install the new beta:

Once you install it (no need to uninstall previous betas first), you may have to use the “ViEmu->Set Keybindings” to assign the correct command to the Ctrl-[ keybinding. If you want to do it manually to avoid other keybinding changes, you can go to Tools|Options|ViEmu and assign the command “ViEmu.ViEmuCtrl[” to keypress Ctrl-[. Let us know how it works for you.

Finally, I have also added a links to the customer area to the navigation bar at the top, and an article explaining the new licensing system and the reanoning behind it:

If all goes well, I will email every customer tomorrow with an announcement of the new available releases, and hopefully it won’t be a support nightmare!

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