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ViEmu/VS2010 Beta 5

This version addresses the main issues in Beta 4, mainly the “massive-undo” bug that could cause ‘u’ to undo a long chain of edits. It should be much closer to release quality (pending docs, settings dialog and a few more features):

Change log:

  • Undo/Redo grouping fixed. ViEmu would undo a lot actions some times, now it won’t.
  • Ctrl-] (Go To Definition) working.
  • Ctrl+Left/Right now work as expected in insert mode.
  • Shift+CursorKey now works as expected, moving cursor and extending VS selection. Pending to make it work in command mode (ViEmu-VS selection integration).
  • Fixed caret shape not reflecting ViEmu mode when switching views.
  • ‘Ctrl-R + char’ now works in input mode (paste from clipboards).
  • Fixed the exception thrown when trying to copy text from VS2008 to VS2010 through viemu y/p commands. Text can now be copied normally.
  • HLSearch now updates correctly when scrolling or changing views.
  • Added ‘Enter License Key’ to ViEmu menu.

We want to get out of beta and release properly as soon as possible, hopefully in very few weeks. “Official release” means not having serious bugs, but we might delay some still-important features to a later release, such as better keyinding management or even folding/regions support. Work on these will start without delay right after the release, but it’s important for us to get to “official” release and finalize all important pieces.

All feedback is welcome.

PS: In case you’re curious, the “massive-undo” is caused by the internal ViEmu undo-grouping mechanism failing to close in some cases, and thus becoming inactive and grouping too many actions together. We now close the undo group on the editor’s lose/gain focus, as we did in ViEmu “Classic”, and this fixes the problem.

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