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ViEmu/VS2010 Beta 6

Beta 6 is now ready. This will work even after the “expiry” of the built-in trial period for some more time, as the beta proceeds:

This is closer to the Release Candidate, hopefully ready in a few days. Here are the main changes:

  • Folding/outlines/wordwrap support (pending gj/gk)
  • Added commands for all key combinations. Now you can map Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Underscore, etc… you also need to go to Tools|Options|Environment|Keyboard and assign the keypress to ViEmu.KeypressCtrlShiftAltUnderscore for VS to route it.
  • End-of-trial-period and license-related messages hopefully fixed

Now we’re off to doing the settings window, the docs, and finishing the remaining little glitches, to try and get to RC1 quickly. After that, the first official release. And after that, we’ll concentrate on all issues when interacting with other popular third-party add-ons, for a new release afterwards.

Please keep the feedback coming.

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