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ViEmu 3.0 beta 1 ready (for all VS versions, SQL Server and Word&Outlook)

So we finally have the first beta versions of ViEmu 3.0 available.

The main new features are the following:

  • Support for the latest VS12 RC. The same ViEmu/VS2010 build installs and works with both VS2010 and the upcoming VS12.
  • For VS2010, much better compatibility with Resharper and other add-ins, thanks to a more sophisticated way of intercepting input. Oftentimes, this looks like an arms race between VS plug-ins.
  • The ‘c’ flag (confirm) for the :s substitute command (yay, finally!). It will ask you before each replacement. Unfortunately, this is not available in Word, only in VS and SQLServer. Other minor flags for :s are also supported (‘i’ and ‘I’).
  • Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P “filescan” autocompletion looking at words around the cursor, like vim. This is great for non-Intellisense autocompletion. And you can always use Ctrl-Space to autocomplete with Intellisense in Visual Studio.
  • Just in ViEmu/Word&Outlook: Ctrl-F and Ctrl-B now work more like PageUp/PageDown when ViEmu is not installed, and there’s a new “:set hidestatus” setting that hides the status bar when you are not editing anything and there is no relevant message, so that it won’t obscure the document.
  • Just in ViEmu/SQL Server 2005 & 2008: a new setting that you can enable so that Ctrl-U is not gobbled up by SQL Server and you can use it to scroll half a page up, as Bill Joy always intended.

Here are the links to download them:

And finally, we also have a new ViEmu for SQL Server 2012 working! We are just giving the finishing touches to the installer, which needs some custom work, and we hope to release beta 1 of this version on the weekend. As in VS, licensing will be joint with ViEmu for SQL Server “Classic”.

You need to have valid supportĀ  as of today for these builds to work. If you need a temporary license key, get in touch with us using email or the support form and we’ll be happy to send one to you.

We’ll be happy to hear all your feedback!

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