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ViEmu 3.0 all versions ready

So we have the final versions of ViEmu 3.0, now ready for download from the main site.

The main new features are the following:

  • Support for the latest VS12 RC. The same ViEmu/VS2010 build installs and works with both VS2010 and the upcoming VS12.
  • For VS2010, much better compatibility with Resharper and other add-ins, thanks to a more sophisticated way of intercepting input. Oftentimes, this looks like an arms race between VS plug-ins.
  • The ‘c’ flag (confirm) for the :s substitute command (yay, finally!). It will ask you before each replacement. Unfortunately, this is not available in Word, only in VS and SQLServer. Other minor flags for :s are also supported (‘i’ and ‘I’).
  • Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P “filescan” autocompletion looking at words around the cursor, like vim. This is great for non-Intellisense autocompletion. And you can always use Ctrl-Space to autocomplete with Intellisense in Visual Studio.
  • Just in ViEmu/Word&Outlook: Ctrl-F and Ctrl-B now work more like PageUp/PageDown when ViEmu is not installed, and there’s a new “:set hidestatus” setting that hides the status bar when you are not editing anything and there is no relevant message, so that it won’t obscure the document.
  • Just in ViEmu/SQL Server 2005 & 2008: a new setting that you can enable so that Ctrl-U is not gobbled up by SQL Server and you can use it to scroll half a page up, as Bill Joy always intended.
  • Support for ViEmu/SQL Server 2012. A fully new version, licensed jointly with ViEmu/SQL Server “Classic”.

Here are the links to download them:

The only change from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2, in the VS2010/12 version, is that we have fixed the “Use VS selection for visual mode” setting, this compatibility mode had stopped working.

Let us know if anything comes up!

[UPDATED June 27: new 3.0.3 version for VS2010/VS12 and SQL Server 2012, fixing a minor glitch when moving the cursor with the mouse – no wonder we hadn’t detected it earlier (what’s the mouse do in vi?)]
[UPDATED June 29: new 3.0.4 version for VS2010/VS12 and SQL Server 2012, fixing the cursor movement lagging a bit in some cases, which was annoying]
[UPDATED July 5: new 3.0.5 version for VS2010/VS12 and SQL Server 2012, fixing macros and ESC-dismissing of Resharper Intellisense]
[UPDATED July 21: new 3.0.6 version for all editions, with the following improvements:

  • Optimized search code for a faster response time, mainly on VS (both Classic & 2010/12).
  • VS2010/12: Improved ‘.’ repeat command when using autocomplete features from VS or 3rd party add-ins.
  • VS2010/12: Fixed problems when ‘Use VS selection for visual mode’ is set, such as ViEmu entering visual mode automatically when Visual Assist edited code while typing for options such as ‘Insert _ after m and shift’.
  • VS2010/12: Fixed a bug that caused strange scrolling behaviour when ‘Use VS selection for visual mode’ was set and a visual studio selection was active.

[UPDATED Sept 10: new 3.0.8 version for VS2010/12, improving behavior with the new ReSharper 7, and making buffer closes remove buffers from the :ls internal buffer list]
[UPDATED Sept 20: new 3.0.9 version for VS2010/12, improving behavior with the new ReSharper 7 under Windows 8 (yes there were side-effects)]
[UPDATED Oct 23: new 3.0.10 version for VS2010/12, fixing yet other minor interactions with ReSharper]
[UPDATED Oct 30: new 3.0.11 version for VS2010/12, fixing yet other minor interactions with VS’s visual selection]
[UPDATED Dec 3: new 3.0.12 version for VS2010/12, improving interaction with Visual Assist’s Intellisense]
[UPDATED Dec 24: new 3.0.13 version for VS2010/12, fixing two annoying issues: removed “read-only file warning” while debugging .NET code, and made search open folds!]

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