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Free webinar: Increase Visual Studio Productivity with ReSharper and ViEmu

Hello everyone. Together  with JetBrains, the company behind the great ReSharper tools for VS, we are going to offer a free webinar to show how Resharper and ViEmu can be used together to maximize your development pleasure and productivity.

Since ViEmu 1.0 in 2005, one of the most important values of ViEmu has been to integrate vi/vim operations not only with VS’s built-in functionality (Intellisense, etc…), but also with the most popular third-party addins. Probably the most popular one is ReSharper by JetBrains, which really helps in all .NET development tasks. Using both ViEmu and ReSharper together, many people can enjoy an incredible producvtivity boost. We’ve decided to try to get everyone to know this possibility and be able to enjoy it.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 24th at 9:00am PDT (International Times = 10am MDT, 12pm (NYC), 6pm (CET)). You can register on this URL: Apologies to those for whom this time is not very convenient, it’s really difficult to host a global event.

We hope you can make it!

(read JetBrains’ announcement of the webinar for more details)

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