Re: Freeze or Not Responding


I'm using Visual Studio 2003 with current ViEmu trial version. I've never been getting any problem like this, but now it is. I used VS 2005 with old version of ViEmu a few month ago.

The problem is what VS didn't responding(freeze) when I search(Find in Files) something or save all files(Ctrl+Shift+S) with enabled ViEmu. There is no problem with disabled ViEmu.

How could I handle this problem?



Re: Freeze or Not Responding

Apologies for not getting back to you earlier. I've seen this problem in the past, as there was indeed some problem with VS.NET 2003 Find in Files which caused a freeze. It wasn't a full freeze, only the "Find in Files" results window would freeze (and the Find in Files would never finish). I fixed it a long time ago, but this might be another manifestation of the problem.

A second option is a second problem I have only seen on my main laptop (an Asus with Vista): Find in Files in VS.NET 2003 does fully freeze Visual Studio. And I was able to find a surprising workaround: turning off Aero glass and the Vista theme, switching to the classic Windows look. I have call stack showing the "reentrancy" problem caused by theming, if proof is needed.

I've never seen a problem with Ctrl-Shift-S.

Please let me know more details about the freeze, so that we can try and investigate what is happening.


  -- Jon