Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!

I got a pop-up message that ViEmu trial has expired so I went immediately to the linked "store" to buy the product.

Meanwhile it has left Visual Studio in an unusable state.  It is neither in vi mode not in original mode and I am unable to edit a file.  If I press 'o' to open a line, it inserts o into the text.  If I press Return to open a line, it does nothing other than beep.  I'm most unhappy about this, if you're going to disable the software without warning, it should disable cleanly and not leave me unable to work.

To exacerbate the problem, your credit-card collection agency is refusing to take my money.  They keep sending me mails with the following:

Always include your reference number, REF #90602895, in
the subject line of any messages you send to share-it!

Dear Mr. Stanford,

share-it! processes orders and collects payments on behalf of NGEDIT

Unfortunately, we were unable to charge your credit card for your order
90602895. The order cannot be completed as submitted.

You can easily change the payment information for the existing order
90602895 by clicking the link below.

I don't want to change the payment information.  It is correct.  If you have decided you don't want to sell me the product or, more likely, have chosen an incompetent credit card agency, please advise how to put Visual Studio back into a working state.

It's a great shame if you don't want me to have your software, by the way.  I find it very useful and it makes me much more productive.   My advice would be to dump Share-It immediately.  In the meanwhile, I shall try to pay you once more and then shall give up.



Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!


I apologize for the problems. Thank you for letting me know about this.

I understand that share-it is being unduly protective with your credit card. Please take into account that it's probably not even share-it, credit card companies apply heuristics to try to prevent fraud (which is rampant online), and sometimes they may refuse a credit card, for example, because there has been a batch of cards stolen in your area and they're being used online, etc... Their fraud prevention systems are often based on heuristics, so not even *they* know exactly why it has been rejected (and, of course, they are secretive about the exact measures, so no chance on knowing exactly what is happening).

I offer direct paypal payment for this kind of cases. I will send you the details right now, in case you are still interested.

With the exception of a couple of cases, one of which was a payment from China, and this other one, and with the sometimes annoying factor that they require a non-free email address (they won't accept @hotmail.com addresses, etc...), share-it has worked pretty well so far. They are among the most expensive payment processors, but I keep them over switching to paypal or another service because they are very professional, respond inquiries within the day, and they have an earned reputation. Please realize that setting up a fully featured merchant account wouldn't be justified by the amount of sales of ViEmu yet (it's not a huge market).

I also apologize for the faulty disabling of the software. It should just restore the usual Visual Studio behavior, but I realize it's not working properly in all cases. I will review this so that it doesn't annoy other people the same as you. ViEmu should have been warning about the imminent end of the trial period for about 5 days, but even that is not an excuse

I will get in touch with you by email immediately to send you a trial period extension and to try to fix the problems.

In any case, thanks for trying to buy the product (it shouldn't be so problematic), thanks too for letting me know about this, and I'm hoping we can fix it somehow.

My apologies and best regards,



Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!

The issue is that they check the apparent country of the browser (getting it wrong where a cache is involved) against the billing country and then tell the buyer that his credit card is invalid without giving a reason.

There is nothing in their terms and conditions that states that the IP address country and billing country should match and they tell lies when you talk to them.  I have found them to be just about the worst of a bad bunch of credit card clearance houses.

I have received your mail and now purchased the product though Paypal with no issues.  Jon's response was excellent and gave the sort of service that it is so rare to find nowadays on the web.

This is a great product and carries great service.  Thank you.



Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!

Cliff, thanks for the kind note and for being so understanding. I hope to improve the payment processing in the future, whenever I can find another reasonable service. My main complaints with share-it are it's highish fees, the delay in paying me (15-45 days, average 30), this kind of problem, and the fact that I can't customize validation in the order form. But, in any case, my idea is to get a full merchant account as soon as the business grows enough to warrant it.

Thanks again and I'm happy it all got solved swiftly.

I do believe in any case that software without proper service is worth very little, and strive to provide the best I can.

Best regards,



Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!

Dear Sir:

I have encountered this same problem with Share-It.  I have entered my payment details correctly (double and triple-checked) and it still will not allow processing of my payment - probably due to my CC company thinking it's fraudulent.  Can I please use your PayPal service to process payment and get a license for Viemu?



Re: Licence Expired - Very unhappy!

Sure, I will get in touch with you by email in a couple of minutes and send you the link.

Thanks for getting in touch,