Re: Final ViEmu 1.4.4 released

I have just uploaded the final ViEmu 1.4.4. The only fix since the beta was a fix to the cursor position after using Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P/Ctrl-J autocompletion. Thus, the full list of changes since 1.4.3 is:

- Fixed input of Cyrillic text (and possibly others)
- Fixed T and F motions range when used as operator argument
- Fixed '' and `` so that they never jump between buffers, as vim
- Added experimental VS.NET 2002 support
- Implemented message 'N substitution on N lines' for :s
- Added a DLL to the package which prevented ViEmu from loading in some circumstances
- Fixed a problem when performing a :'<,'>s with the region going to the line before last
- Fixed a bug resulting in 'smartcase' and 'remove-read-only-warning' preferences not being honored at startup
- Prevented Intellisense from kicking in when using BACKSPACE in either VISUAL or NORMAL modes (it was causing trouble with VB)
- Made ViEmu check $HOMEDRIVE/$HOMEPATH and $HOME for the .viemurc or _viemurc file before checking the installation folder
- Implemented :cn/:cp, although they only work properly if the output window is 'pinned' (that is, it doesn't slide out of view automatically)
- Fixed cursor position after using  Ctrl-N/Ctrl-P/Ctrl-J autocompletion

The filename is just ViEmu14.msi, it's linked to from the main and download pages, and it will automatically upgrade any previous installation to this version. A direct link for your convenience: