Re: Uninstallation -- how to

Uninstallation -- how to

I have installed using 'ViEmuWO-1.5.1.msi' and I am unable to uninstall it as it is not in the Add/Remove Programs...

Can you please explain the steps to uninstall.




Re: Uninstallation -- how to

Hello Pedro,

That's a bit weird, it should appear on Add/Remove Programs. If not, the best way is to download the latest version (http://www.viemu.com/download-wo.html), install it, and uninstall it.

Let me know how that works.

  - Jon


Re: Uninstallation -- how to

Installation should be possible both from Add/Remove Programs, or double-clicking again on the MSI file (EXE for the latest versions). Please post again if this doesn't work.


Re: Uninstallation -- how to

I'm having the same problem. ViEmu does not appear on the programs list.
I installed the latest version, using the .vsix file.

Running this file again just brings up a dialog saying that it is already installed.



Re: Uninstallation -- how to


Tools -> Extension Manager -> ViEmu -> Uninstall



Re: Uninstallation -- how to

Arttam, thanks!

Indeed, uninstallation is different for ViEmu/VS "Classic" and for the new ViEmu/VS2010. The "classic" ViEmus require you to go to Add/Remove Programs in the control panel to uninstall, there is no other reasonable place where to do this (having a program group in the Start Menu wouldn't make much sense with just "Uninstall" and possibly "Docs").

On the other hand, VS2010 extensions are supposed to be managed inside VS, using the extension manager. They even have a unique VS extension file format: VSIX files. We add-in developers don't control the installation/uninstallation process at all, we just provide the VSIX file with the info, and VS handles it. If you ask me, it's a much better solution.


  -- Jon