Re: vim Features

I'm a relative n00b to using ViEmu, but a veteran of vim/gvim.  Is there a list of implemented vim configuration options somewhere that I've been unable to find?  Or is there another convention for setting the configuration options that I don't understand?

One vim option of which I'm a huge fan is:

set so=10

It forces the redraw to have at least N lines visible above or below the cursor position.  It's nice when I'm moving around in a file, editing, or searching to see what's after the cursor.


Re: vim Features

Hi Howard,

You can check the documentation, section 8 ("The ex command line") and look for the :set command for the list of implemented options (there is a hyperlink from Tools|Options|ViEmu to the local html help file).

You can type ":set<return>" to see the complete list of options and their current state.

Unfortunately, "so" is not yet implemented. I'll take note of your request and try to implement it in one of the next builds.

Thanks and best regards,