Re: Newline Insertion Error

Hi all,

I have come across some unexpected behaviour with the latest version of viEmu and Visual Studio 2002 that I will describe how to reproduce here:

1.  Create a new C# file.
2.  In the constructor, add a line consisting of words separated by semicolons, like the following:


3.  Position your cursor at the start of the line.
4.  Do a line search on the semicolon by typing:


5.  At the first instance of the ';', enter 'a' and press '<enter>'.  Instead of inserting a newline after the ';', nothing happens.
6.  But if I escape out of add mode and then press 'a' and '<enter>' again, the newline is added.
7.  This behaviour can be repeated with all other instances of ';' in the newly created line.

I am not sure what is wrong, but it doesn't happen with vim, lemmy, etc.

Thanks for a great product!



Re: Newline Insertion Error

Darryl, thanks for the feedback. I'll investigate and let you know. I hope it also happens with VS.NET 2003, as it will be easier to repro!

This might even be a previous bug that happens rarely and has proved impossible to reproduce, in which case I'd be extremely happy!

Have a good weekend,