Re: ViEmu for Word & Outlook 1.0.6 available

The build with most fixes & improvements was 1.0.5 released yesterday, but I've tracked another bug and uploaded a new build, 1.0.6:


You need to uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

The problem happened when selecting close (or doing :q), answering 'cancel' to the confirmation messagebox, and then leaving and returning to the document *with the mouse*. Outlook/Word would crash then. Returning with the keyboard was protected since one of the betas, but returning with the mouse wasn't (and not that it's that much used, that is why it hadn't surfaced until now).

Thanks to George Reilly for (a) reporting this together with a mini-coredump which was invaluable, and (b) having ported vim to Windows, which most of us enjoy every day, and maintaining it today.

Please let me know about any other bug or misbehavior of ViEmu.