Re: c] switches to visual mode

Since there is no ‘gd’ support I have been using c] to go to the definition of the function. However there is a problem with it. When definition is shown, the function name is highlighted and visual mode is on. I have to hit esc to get out of visual mode before I can go back. Is there a way to stop this? I have “Use VS selection for Visual Mode” turned on. Is there a way of stopping viemu from switching from normal to visual mode when executing c]  ?


Re: c] switches to visual mode

Hi Eric,

I have added gd support in the latest build, see the "sticky" forum post at the top of the list for details and a download link.

On the other hand, <c-]> doesn't result in the behavior you describe in my current system (neither in VS.NET 2003 or VS2005). Do you have any other 3rd party tool installed?

In any case, you could apply the following mapping to get it to exit visual mode:

  :nnoremap <c-]> <c-]><esc>

Let me know what you find out.

Best regards,