Re: ViEmu and ReSharper 5 compatibility?

Hi there -- I'm intrigued by ViEmu and I currently use VS2010 with ReSharper 5 which I (Mostly) like.  Before I install/try ViEmu, are there things/gotchas or perhaps a FAQ I should look at before I install?

Thanks in advance - Michael


Re: ViEmu and ReSharper 5 compatibility?

There are some issues with Resharper, although it works mostly fine most of the time. We always have to catch up with R#, because they change things, and we have to update the compatibility code. Right now we are a bit behind with Resharper 5 on VS <= 2008, but we plan to catch up as soon as we have finalized all issues with VS 2010 (which we are currently working on).