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I've purchased and have been using viemu for the past 6-7 months.  And I must say, that for the most part it is excellent.  In fact, it's the only reason that I can actually use visual studio.

First, a couple of issues that I've noticed.

In 2.0, doing a forward search with / that resulted in a find that was inside of a folded block wouldn't unfold the block and you had to unfold and perform the search again.  This was fixed in 2.1, however, various other forms of movement do not have this fix.

Jumping to a line in a folded block using :<linenumber>

marking a line (ma) folding the block, and jumping to the mark ('a)

vim does expand folds for forward searching, but does not unfold for the two methods I listed above.  however, the key difference, is that in vim, when I jump to a line, then hit unfold, it remembers what line I was on.  viemu will put me on the first line of the unfolded block, forcing me to repeat the jump command.

The second issue I've noticed comes from mapping.  If you map a key in command mode (cmap) that key no longer functions properly with the f and t movement commands.  In both vim and viemu I have the spacebar mapped to toggle fold (I love this mapping).  In vim, commands such as ct<space> or df<space> still work.  In viemu they do not.

And the last thing is more of a question rather than an issue.

I've read the previous posts in the forum about vertical split.  I have a large widescreen monitor, so I love vertical splitting.  I've gotten using to having to use the mouse to create the new vertical tab group.  However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to move between the groups with the keyboard.

I know about ctrl-tab.  But it's not the same, as it cycles through all available file buffers (and "intelligently.." re-orders the list) forcing me to have to look at the list and possibly press it more than once.

In vim, a simple ctrl-wl or ctrl-wr did exactly what I needed.  Is there anyway to do this with viemu or with visual studio options?

Also, thank you again for your excellent product.  With the exception of those minor things, using viemu has been nothing but a blessing.


Re: First time post, various feedback

Also, it would be absolutely wonderful to be able to navigate an intellisense dropdown with j and k.  Having to reach for the arrow keys (or type like 10 more characters to get to the difference) to select the option right below the one it's on makes me sad. sad


Re: First time post, various feedback

Hi Robert,

I will have a look at the folds opening logic for those motions - a first stab at it will probably be just actually opening them up, as saving a separate "underlying desired cursor pos" would be too traumatic to the current ViEmu logic. Hopefully this will be a usable solution.

I'll have a look at the mapping issue. Mapping contexts handling is somewhat complex, as some mappings are applicable in several context, and that's probably the reason it doesn't work as an argument to the fFtT commands (this context needs some mappings applied, namely, :lmap's). I will try to make sure this is compatible with vim and that will possibly fix it, else I'll look at some alternative way to help out.

Tab/tabgroup access in Visual Studio is notoriously tricky. The MS guys don't expose most of the behavior, and it's very difficult to get an idea of what there is on the screen or altering it. I plan to research this further as soon as I can find some time, and hopefully improve ViEmu's abilities in this regard.

Intellisense integration is pretty hardwired - there is no way to access it through VS's exposed APIs, and the only thing ViEmu does is just pass typed keys through to it, as it's the only way to make that work. I understand your complaints, but this is another one of those VS "dark areas" which are really tough to customize. I'd love to improve the behavior in the future, but unfortunately I can make no promises :-/

Thanks for the comment and feedback, and best regards,



Re: First time post, various feedback


I've been trying to reproduce the <space> mapping problem you describe, but I need some more information. What is the exact mapping you are using and which triggers the wrong behavior? Rereading the description above, I can't understand it - what :cmap is it? I tried :map <space> za, which seemed the closest to what you describe, but fFtT still work fine with that, so I guess it must be something else.




Re: First time post, various feedback

The <space> mapping problem and the issue with folds not being opened with 'a or :{linenumber} have been fixed in 2.1.4:





Re: First time post, various feedback

Works like a charm.  Thank you very much for this.  As I'm sure any vim user would know, you tend to get into certain routines of doing things and burn them into muscle memory.  With this latest update, I must say, my satisfaction with viemu has gone from 99% to 100%.  This is great!  Thank you again for your excellent product and the extremely quick turnaround time.