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I just found ViEmu this evening and installed the demo -- thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou -- i think this may just save my sanity smile

Only issue I've run across that I use pretty regularily is :n and :N (to jump to the next or previous file in your edit list). 

Again -- thanx so very much -- I can finally ditch my deprecated codewright and can work in this otherwise pretty-cool IDE without having to always feel like I'm working in Notepad!  Grown-up editing in the IDE -- whoohoo! </geekoff>


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Thanks to you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. There are :bn and :bp to go to the next/previous buffer in the open buffer list, would that be the same functionality you miss for :n and :N? If so, I'll just add these aliases to the commands. I've seen that vim implements that as cycling through the argument list, but since there isn't one in ViEmu or VS, I think :bn/:bp could fit that bill.

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I can probably get used to :bn, :bp smile


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oh -- found another reference to it -- vi man page, under:


:nCR     edit next file in arglist

:n args CR     specify new arglist

Doesn't mention :N, so I'd doublecheck that if you decide to add these (i've been using codewright for so long now that i could be confused)


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It's ok, I'll add them to the next build, in the next few days. Adding a couple of ex synonims is very simple.

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I have added these commands, as :bn and :bp synonims, in 2.1.4: