Re: Command line in Output window?

If you type /, :, or anything, really, while focus is in the VS Output window, the status bar flashes: "Cannot currently modify this text in the editor. It is read-only."

Is this something outside the realm of possibility for ViEmu, since it's not inside the text editor pane?

It'd be really nice to type :make without clicking back into the editor.

Thanks, best $70 I ever got my boss to spend on me.


Re: Command line in Output window?

Hi jlongstreet,

Thanks for the nice comment. Regarding intercepting the output window, you are not the first person to ask about it, and I plan to do it some time in the future. Due to VS's input architecture, interception is disabled, because VS would beep and complain before it ever let ViEmu have a look at the keystroke. I plan to bring in the new interception mechanism I developed for ViEmu/Word & Outlook in a future version, which will allow proper operation in this type of window. Thus, it will be available at a future release, although it will still take a while to implement.

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Re: Command line in Output window?


Just to help you out a bit, you can hit 'esc' and that brings focus out of the output window back into the editor window and at least not have to leave the keyboard.

I've gotten into this habit now so that I don't mind so much... I still try litter the output window with j's and k's when looking for text, but I've finally gotten trained to hit 'esc' after a build or most other focus-losing events.

Hope it helps.


Re: Command line in Output window?

Sticks, thanks for the heads up. This will be better in a future version of ViEmu, but meanwhile, that is exactly the same thing I do.


Re: Command line in Output window?

I'd also like to see ViEmu work in the output window, but it's not very important.

Thanks for the tip, sticks -- that will help. I usually hit Ctrl-Tab (which also works), but that's not as easy as Esc.

This is related... I often want to search the output window, but / and Ctrl-F don't work there. For now, I've worked around the problem by making Ctrl-F open the search dialog again. I lose the Ctrl-F functionality in ViEmu, but fortunately I'm in the habit of using Ctrl-U/Ctrl-D rather than Ctrl-F/Ctrl/B so it's not very important to me.


Re: Command line in Output window?

Hmm, maybe you can add the VS binding Ctrl-F->Find with a context other than Text Editor (the combo-box in Tools|Options|Keyboard)? I'm not really sure whether there actually is any context belonging to the Output window but not to the general text editor.

One other possibility would be to bind it to a macro, which checks the context and does PageDown in editor windows and Edit.Find in other contexts. That should be workable.

Of course the really good solution will be bringing the new ViEmu/Word&Outlook input handling into ViEmu/VS, which I do plan to include in a future release, but will still take some time.