Re: Usability issues related to the command/search area

In the command/status area, displaying "-- NORMAL --" after the user has pressed ":" or "/" to begin entering a command doesn't seem particularly useful (technically, that mode no longer applies at that point), and has a negative effect.  I'm used to having the ":" or "/" appear on the left, sometimes I press ":" or "/" several times before I notice/remember where they're showing up (more so in Visual Studio than ViEmuW). If the mode text were replaced, it would provide additional motion to attract my attention to the correct spot (which I apparently need since there's no flashing cursor in command/search).

I think I would find it more usable if "/" and ":" were implemented in a single line edit control embedded in a dockable toolbar (docked on bottom by default) similar to the search toolbar in Visual Studio that is (without ViEmu) accessible with Ctrl-D. (I've mentioned this before, but I hadn't tried ViEmuW at that time.)


Re: Usability issues related to the command/search area

I'll prepare a build without the mode message while editing an ex command or a search, that's not difficult, and hopefully everyone will like it. The edit box has to be a "pseudo-edit-box", as I can't remove focus from the editing window for integration reasons, but something like that should be doable. I'm not too sure about the dockable toolbar, I want to give a try to having an embedded window (better than the current one in Word), and if that doesn't work fine, I'll add the toolbar one.

I'm finishing up with a few unrelated issues, and I'll get working in new ViEmu builds as soon as I'm done with them.

Thanks for the feedback,



Re: Usability issues related to the command/search area

I've removed the mode indication when typing in ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.1.8 and ViEmu/W&O 1.0.16:


The full edit control is left for a future release.