Re: ViEmu won't leave insert mode w/CodeRush


I'm using ViEmu 2.1.8 with VS2k5 SP1 and I just installed the latest version of CodeRush, 2.2.2. Now, I can't seem to get out of Insert mode with Esc. I seem to be able to kick it loose by switching between files a few times and hitting Esc repeatedly, but this is definitely a showstopper. I've tried downloadeding the DXViEmuCompat.DLL and putting it in the CodeRush plugins directory. Any suggestions?


- Kirk


Re: ViEmu won't leave insert mode w/CodeRush

Hi Kirk,

This already happened to another customer some time ago. It's related to having Esc assigned to some Coderush functions, see how to fix it here:


The plugin you installed only makes ViEmu enter insert mode when some of the inline rename refactorings are used in Coderush, nothing else.