Re: Searching, etc.

1. g* does nothing. In Vim, it searches for the word under the cursor, but does not bracket the word with \< and \>. Very useful for partial matches.

2. Is there a way to turn off incremental searching? I'm used to being able to edit the search string after I type /.

3. How about Ctrl+^ to switch to the alternate window?

4. Ctrl+P doesn't complete as much as it does in Vim; e.g., completing a variable name when I'm inside the double quotes of a string. On the other hand, it gives much smarter Intellisense, which is a big plus!

Muscle memory is at the heart of all these questions, and it's why we're all trying to use vi in VS: http://www.georgevreilly.com/blog/20YearsOfVi.aspx


Re: Searching, etc.

George, I'll try to address these issues as soon as possible. To answer each one separately:

(1) I didn't even know about g*!
(2) There isn't, but I'll provide one.
(3) I'll implement that one.
(4) Ctrl-P is by now implemented as just calling VS's Intellisense-autocomplete. I plan to implement filescan-autocomplete a-la vim, but this one will take a bit longer.

I perfectly understand the muscle memory thing, it's the reason I started ViEmu in the first place. Being a one-year-long vi(m)er, there are many commands I have only implemented (and learned about!) after receiving feedback from longer-time users.

I'll let you know (and I'll post here) when some of these are ready.


Re: Searching, etc.

I've implemented everything but the filescan autocompletion and uploaded it in build 1.4.5-alpha-3. See the details here: