Re: Full edit mode for command and search history

Nice work on ViEmu, I think it will simplify my life considerably.

A feature request:

One of the features I find most useful in vim is q/ and q: (or :^f) to enter search or command history in full edit mode (normal mode).  This makes it fast & easy to view & revise past commands & searches with normal mode editing commands.

I'm sure this is far from trivial so I won't hold my breath, but wanted to throw it out there.

While I'm here, is there any way to modify the font style & size of the status line where the ex commands are entered?  I'd like to make it larger and fixed width.

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Re: Full edit mode for command and search history


I'll add the request to the todo list - indeed, it's pretty complex, but it will possibly make sense in a future version.

There is no way to alter the status-bar font that I know of (except maybe changing the font for the Windows theme). I'm planning to have a better status line area in one of the next versions, separate from VS's status bar, so it will make sense there (and also with other improvements).