Re: Can't send support request

I bought ViEmu last year. I need to know what I have to do to get the new VS2010 version working. My trial has expired/.

Do i need to pay for an upgrade? All your email forms are broken. I can't get a new updated license. I can't email support. Less than stellar. See error below.

"Internal error sending email.
Press "Back" to go back and try again, or write to support@symnum.com.
Our apologies!"


Re: Can't send support request

Apologies, I had made a mistake and broken the support-forms email system in the process. Trying to upgrade everything to a new system is causing these issues. It's fixed now and should work fine from now on.

I just responded by email with all the details. Since you bought ViEmu/VS less than a year ago, you don't need to pay for the upgrade - just log into the new customer area and download the new-style license key.

Regards & apologies,

  -- Jon