Re: hlsearch in Word not working

I'm using 1.0.15 with Word 2003. I have hlsearch on, but I never see any search highlighting. Does anyone have any idea why this feature would not be working, and what I could do to resolve it?


Casey Perkins


Re: hlsearch in Word not working

Hi Casey,

Unfortunately, hlsearch does not work in ViEmu/Word&Outlook. I had to take this decision because there is no way in Word to "transiently" highlight a certain area, that is, apart from modifying the document formatting itself. Modifying the document would create more problems that it would solve - these operations would enter the undo queue, ViEmu would need to remove the highighting manually when closing the file (with the potential errors that may arise), etc...

There would be some hope in intercepting the drawing of the window and drawing it from ViEmu itself, but Word's interfaces to obtain what area is shown on the screen are also very lacking - there is no way to know what is actually being shown on the screen. I might investigate this path in the future, but I can't assure I will be able to get it to work.

I've only just now realized that I've included the 'hlsearch' checkbox in the settings dialog and the related documentation, which just does not make sense at all and is misleading. I will remove it in a future build so that it won't confuse other users. My apologies for not being clear about this in the settings dialog and in the documentation.




Re: hlsearch in Word not working

Thanks Jon.



Re: hlsearch in Word not working

You're very welcome.