Re: Not exactly ViEmu related, but vi lovers can appreciate the annoyance

Hello, I just purchased ViEmu today, and VS coding would be like going back to notepad without it.

As Vi lovers we know the mouse sucks for navigating around our development environment.

One annoying thing about Visual Studio is the way you navigate the tabs in the editor pane.  You've got a bunch of buffer tabs in the editor and you want to go to the next tab.  Well, VS has some weird scheme where it keeps track of where you were last instead of being able to tell it to just "go the next buffer tab" or "go to the previous buffer tab".   Or am I missing something here, and there is  a way?  I believe :bn in ViEmu uses the VS command Windows.NextDocumentWindow or something.

Also (at least in C# coding), there's two drop downs right above the editor pane.  The one on the left is the drop down for Types and the one on the right is the drop down for methods and members.  Is there anyway to setup a keyboard shortcut to get to the methods/members dropdown and also a way to sort them and/or "only show members" or "only show methods"?

ViEmu is a great product.  Thanks


Re: Not exactly ViEmu related, but vi lovers can appreciate the annoyance

Thanks for the compliment on ViEmu, I'm glad you like it!

I think VS's Ctrl-Tab logic is similar to Windows' Alt-Tab logic, yes, it remembers the last one. ViEmu's :bn uses the internal list (see it with :ls) and navigates in linear order. There is no way that I know of to go to the next tab in just regular Tab order (the way they're shown on the tabs on top of the edit window) - this is pretty sad, but that's what we have.

I've been trying to find a way to send focus to the members drop down, but I haven't found any, either in VS itself or looking inside the VS SDK. This is unfortunate, since it would be very easy to map it to a shortcut key, either using VS's Tools|Options|Keyboard, or ViEmu's mappings and the :vscmd command. I'm afraid there's not much that ViEmu can do about that.

Thanks again for the feedback and for buying ViEmu.

- Jon


Re: Not exactly ViEmu related, but vi lovers can appreciate the annoyance

To fix the retarded Ctrl+Tab logic, you'll have to use a macro. This tab un-stupidifier should work, although I haven't tried it. Note that you'll have to use a combination other than Ctrl+Tab for this, since you can't rebind it.

The members dropdown is part of the 'navigation bar'. To jump to that, assign a shortcut to the command "Window.MoveToNavigationBar". Online resources seem to indicate it's assigned Ctrl+F2 by default, but I found it assigned to Ctrl+F8 here (Ctrl+F2 is assigned to toggling bookmarks). This'll take you to the 'types' dropdown. Press another tab if you want to access the 'members' dropdown.