Re: forums should have categories

This is really one of the wackiest forum implementations I've seen.
Everything seems to be lumped into one 'General' category.

It seems like it would be easier to use if it was split into at least:
- news
  - installation issues
  - configuration
  - problems
- new feature requests
- general ViEmu
- general ViEmu for Word and Outlook
- general ViEmu for Visual Studio
- general ViEmu for SQL Server Management Studio

Or something like that.
Just a thought.


Re: forums should have categories

Hi Brian,

You are probably right now - the reason is historic, in the early days, I didn't want to have 10 empty forums. I'll look into fixing this in the future (although I'm so overwhelmed with work that it will still take some time, and I'll probably invest what I can in improving the product before getting around to fixing the forums...).

I still like the "single large forum" for some reason, but it should probably be done in some way that allows access to the separate classes of posts.

Thanks for the feedback,