Re: status bar request

I use ViEmu when in Visual Studio, and gvim as my general text editor. In gvim, the status tag is a bit different: "-- INSERT --" where ViEmu has "INSERT --". I find the dashes in front to be slightly better, visually, in catching my attention to know what mode I'm in. Could ViEmu do it the same way?

Cool product by the way. Maybe I'll get good with vi keybindings eventually! smile


Re: status bar request

For sure - I'll implement it for the next mainteinance release. Wish all requests were like that!

By the way, if you haven't already, you may like the vi/vim graphical cheat sheet and tutorial I released a couple weeks ago. Go to "vi tips" in www.viemu.com to find it.

Thanks for the compliment!


Re: status bar request

Thanks! The cheat sheet and tutorial are great - I wish I didn't have so much to 'un-learn'. smile