Re: search modifiers not working

I often use this technique in vim when I have some boilerplate code to write, where I might half-complete an api call (i.e. 'foo->get' ), place it many times, and then I want to search to each line, go to the end of the get, and complete it with the context sensitive ending (e.g. Name() )

But the /e modifier doesn' t work on search. So
just ignores the /e

is there some way to turn this functionality on?



Re: search modifiers not working

Hello Afton,

Indeed, /e is not implemented in ViEmu yet. It will appear in a future version, as I intend to complete ViEmu's regex and search support at some point (at least up to posix-vi, full vim compatibility is probably a task of many, many years!).

Meanwhile, ViEmu does recognize the \zs and \ze modifiers. You can search for /get\zs/ which means: search for "get" and set the match-start point after the "t". Something like


Will search for Peter, but show only "ete" as a highlight.

Best regards,