Re: Will ViEmu work with Visual Studio Express?

While trying to install ViEmu I get an error message saying that I do not have Visual Studio installed.  Looking at this post http://www.viemu.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=264 I wasn't sure if it is impossible or if there is some other workaround needed.  Is there any way for it to work with Express Edition?


Re: Will ViEmu work with Visual Studio Express?


Unfortunately, ViEmu can't work with VS Express. You could trick the installer into installing, but then VS wouldn't load it. Microsoft disabled the loading of external add-ins in all Express products, in order to keep the appeal of their commercial versions. It seems there is some kind of work-around, and the developer of Testdriven.NET provided it, but, reasonably, only to get into legal trouble with Microsoft:


So, I'm sorry, but no, ViEmu won't work with Express editions.

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