Re: ViEmuWO on Vista

After installing ViEmuWO on Windows Vista with Office 2007, I went to the add-ins tab under Word Options, and ViEmu was in the list of Inactive add-ins.

I clicked the "Go" button at the bottom of the dialog with the "COM add-ins" selected, and checked the ViEmu entry, then restarted Word. I got nothing, what I did was go back to the COM Add-Ins manager (the go button) and removed the add-in, I then ran the ViEmuWO installer and selected the "repair" option.

After that ViEmu loaded and worked in both Word and Outlook.


Re: ViEmuWO on Vista

Thanks Tobi for posting about it. I'm glad you got it to work - I couldn't repro it here on a clean Vista+Office 2k7 install, and this things are often difficult to track down!