Re: Fold / unfold adds to undo / redo

Hi there,

Just noticed that if I fold or unfold using 'za' or similar, I can undo my folding action with 'u'.

I feel that undo / redo should be for code changes only, rather than layout like folds. I realise of course that you're most likely hooking straight into Visual Studio's undo mechanism, but if there's any way we could get an option for this it would be greatly appreciated!

ViEmu is such an awesome plugin, Visual Studio seems completely bland without it.

Thanks so much!



Re: Fold / unfold adds to undo / redo

Hi Johan,

Uff... I'll research it in more detail, but I seriously doubt I can pull that off. I have no other choice than to use VS's undo mechanism, which is "implicit" rather than "explicit", so there is no way to bypass it selectively. I have a full vim-compatible undo manager implementation myself, but there's no way I can use that in place of VS's. This causes some a few other subtle differences as well, such as cursor positioning differences after undo/redo commands. Anyway, I'll let you know what I find out.

Thanks for the praises! Nowadays, I use VS without any toolbars, and often in full screen mode. It feels as if I've regained the productivity of the command-line days smile


Re: Fold / unfold adds to undo / redo


I understand that Visual Studio makes some things very difficult and/or inflexible. Thanks for listening smile